History of Charleston

As you begin planning your visit to Charleston, South Carolina, there's a lot you'll discover about this city that predates the Revolutionary War. For example, Charleston was named in honor of England's Charles II and sits at the confluence of Ashley and Cooper Rivers.

It seems like no matter what period in history, Charleston has always been at the center of it all, from Fort Sumter, where fighting began in the Civil War to having the distinction of constructing the first theatre building in America. We've even had our share of pirates! Other things for which Charleston's history is known include religious tolerance, the mystique of southern charm and unrivalled architecture and beauty. Whether it's the destruction of war, the relentlessness of hurricanes or the demands of social change, Charleston has always had the fortitude to come back stronger than before with its gentility and charm perfectly intact.


Charleston Today

The Charleston of today is as vibrant and full of activity as ever and offers cultural, entertainment and dining options that are as varied as its history.  From the performances of Spoleto to the springtime's Home and Garden Tours to the decadent pleasures of the Food and Wine Festival—you'll be enchanted with the many things to do in this charming city. Charleston, South Carolina has a rich cultural tradition.

Among other attractions in Charleston, Middleton Place offers visitors stunning views of the Ashley River and America's Oldest Landscaped Gardens, as well as a look into the working life of many slave men and women in the Plantation Stableyards. Middleton Place is located just 14 miles outside of Downtown. Visit www.MiddletonPlace.org for more information.



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